Smoked fish at Firehut made of small fire wood logs

Kalan savustus Firehutilla pienillä klapipuilla

Smoking with firehut takes place simply to burn small pieces of wood logs under the heat distribution plate and adding more wood as neccessary.

Heat is evenly distributed throughout the grill and can be controlled quite easily. The appropriate firewood size is approximately 3x4 cm thick and maximum 30 cm long. For smoking, we recommend alder, beech, apple tree or oak, which yield the best smoky aromas. In the early phases, birch can also be used but note that it generates a lot of soot and burns very hotly, making temperature control more difficult. Wood used in smoking must definitely be hardwood. Pine or spruce, for instance, cannot be used as they contain resin..

 Smoking with small fire wood logs require patience but also provide time for relaxing. It is a nice, unhurried way of spending time with friends and family or just by yourself. Peace, the sounds of nature, the crackle of fire, the delicious aroma of food cooking over fire… a pleasure for all the senses!

The oak wood in the picture has been cut into appropriately small, roughly 3x4 cm thick pieces.

Fish is the ingredient that is fastest to cook and thus a good starting point for getting to know your new smoker. Here’s a quick recipe for smoking salmon. You can apply the same recipe for ingredients other than fish by repeating steps 16 and 17 until the food is ready. Ensure that there is water in the water bowl throughout the smoking process. Salmon is ready in approximately 45 minutes, depending on how thick it is.

1. Prepare the fish for smoking by adding salt and seasonings at least 1–2 hours before smoking.


2. Set fire to firewood and add some charcoal on top of it to achieve embers faster.

fire it up

3. Allow the fire burn to embers and the charcoal to start burning properly. Then move them to the middle of the firepit grate.


4. Place the heat distribution plate above the embers.

heat distribution plate

5. Put the grill grate into Firehut.


6. Lift the grill grate onto the upper back-wall hook and ensure that it locks in place.


7. Lift the grill grate a little, place the lifter rail under the grate in the front part of the ring and ensure that it locks in place.


8. Place the water bowl on the heat distribution plate. 
Five water bowls made of foil are delivered with the product. Always use a bowl when smoking food.

9. Fill the water bowl. There must be water in the bowl throughout the smoking process.

If the water bowl is empty or there is no water bowl, the temperature may become too high and grease dripping from food may cause a grease fire.


10. Adjust the rain cap at the top of the fireplace. It functions as an adjustment valve.

The smaller the valve opening, the higher the temperature in the grill and the more abundant the smoke. When the valve is adjusted properly, the smoke is pale and nearly transparent. The wood is burning cleanly while releasing a natural, smoky aroma. If you prefer a stronger smoky flavour, you can turn the rain cap nearly or fully closed. Smoke will circulate back and leave the smoker through the lower edge of the hatch.


11. Put a couple of pieces of the wood you use for smoking under the heat distribution plate, on top of the embers.


12. Whenever you add wood to the fire, put the front-edge plate back in place afterwards. It limits the flow of air to the fire and you can control the temperature more easily.


13. Put the hatch in place and wait for the desired smoking temperature.


14. A good temperature for smoking fish is 90–140°C.


15. Place the pieces of fish into the middle of the grill grate for smoking.


16. Smoking in progress... Avoid opening the hatch unnecessarily as it lengthens the time it takes to cook the food.


17. Add more wood at roughly half-hour intervals or if the temperature becomes too low.

When you add wood, you can lift the hatch to the upper mounting holes to prevent heat from leaving the smoker. Add 2–3 small pieces of wood at a time, put the front-edge plate back in place and lower the hatch to the lower mounting holes. If you wish, you can add smoker chips on top of the heat distribution plate. This will yield a more intensive smoky flavour.


18. Enjoy the delicious smoked fish! The fillet is ready when it can be easily cut into pieces with a fork. 


19. One of the best features of Firehut is that after smoking, you can add some wood to the fire to make the flames bigger again. The flames will burn away the fish smell and grease and the food you cook in the fireplace next time will not taste like fish.